Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well Halloween has once again come and gone for another year. We had a fun year this year and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Jake was so much fun this year and really got into the whole trick or treating thing. He was knocking on doors, putting candy in his bucket and remembering to say thank you, what a cutie! Cody was super cool as G.I. Joe and had a great time leading the pack while walking around the neighborhood. Jake was all about the suckers and was hording them while we were sorting the candy. He would have eaten them all if we had let him. Cody was so so excited that one of the houses in the neighborhood was giving out whole candy bars and he got a big Hershey's Bar, his favorite, that pretty much made his night,he is a chocoholic! We hope you all had a great night and that your kids or yourself are coming down from the sugar high and headed for a good night's sleep, i know we are.

Driving Mr. Elmo
The cup cakes that i made for Cody's class party.

Pumpkin carving fun, Jake loved it!

Elmo and G.I. Joe - A likely pair

The trick or treating crew.... what a cute bunch.

We hadn't even started and somehow Elmo found a sucker to eat!?

At Miss Anne's, Jake is knocking....

The stash!! You have to click on this picture and look at Jake's face, priceless!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

18 months old!

Our baby Jake is 18 months old today and i just can't believe it. He is turning into a little man right before my eyes. He is such a fun little guy and we have loved his sweet little spirit that he has brought to our family. He is a silly boy and almost always has a smile on his face. He still doesn't talk much but is by no means quiet. If he wants something you will know it and he will point at it until his arm falls off if he has to. The words that he does say often are - juice, uh-oh, DaDa, duck, woof, and Mama. He adores his big brother and thinks he is so funny. He loves animals and is often found sitting on the dogs or pulling on their tails or ears and laughing. If he hears a song he likes he will drop everything and dance, it's mostly circles until he falls down but he is also known to throw a few stomps in the mix too.

He loves trucks, loves to watch Monster Jam. He loves Elmo and can hardly wait to get into that Halloween costume of his. He is obsessed with appliances, yes i said appliances, loves the vacuum, blender, tools, swiffer, ect. they are all fascinating to him. He loves his blankie and his favorite stuffed animals and is often seen climbing to any heights to get to his binky. Above all he is a busy little guy who is always up to something which is why we all love him so much. We love you Jakie!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cider Mill Pumpkin Fun

Today we took a trip to a local cider mill in the area. We got to see how apple cider is made and the boys actually thought is was pretty cool. They had a fun little store that i browsed through and we got cider doughnuts which were very yummy. The boys also had fun playing on the hay bales and with the pumpkins, it was a fun fall day.

Watching all the apples being washed

Not too sure about this hay stuff..

A forced brother shot

Cody enjoying his doughnut or maybe this was Robert's, who knows he ate them both.

"I'll take this one mom."

The hay slide, doesn't take much to amuse this kid!

The mill

My favorite - Jake just taking a break, so cute right?!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nascar 2009

I am a bit late in getting this posted but a couple of weekends ago Robert and Cody got to go to a Nascar race at the Kansas City Speedway. Robert went on Saturday and then took Cody with him when he went on Sunday. Robert sent me a text on Saturday that said, it's cool and boring at the same time! I think Cody had a lot of fun with him on Sunday, he picked his favorite car #24, because it had "cool flames." His car ended up finishing in 2nd place so he was happy about that. He also made sure to get lots of pictures of the M&M car because it is his cousin Derricks favorite car and of course to make him jealous. He kept telling Robert that he was having fun but that it was so long. I myself don't know how long i would have lasted watching the same cars go around and around, may have made me a bit dizzy myself. They had fun and that's all the matters, it's fun to find new and exciting things to do around here.

M&M Car

Livin' it up at the Speedway

M&M trailer

#24 - Cody's fav

Officially Rednecks!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robert's Deer and it's sausage:)

September was a month of trying our hand at new skills, such as the previous post on my Salsa making day. Robert shot a nice whitetail with his muzzle loader this year and decided to make his own sausage. While i was only informed of his sausage idea at the last second, i tried to be as helpful as i could stomach. I would have to say that my least favorite part of the ordeal was the hanging and cutting up of the deer in my garage, i just got the garage to smell half way normal again. It was a lot of work though and all he kept saying was, "I would never want to be a butcher." Along the lines of his comment to me the weekend before with my salsa when he said,"I can't possibly see how all this work could be worth it." Well i felt that same way while watching him cube and make sausage out of a entire deer. I do have to give him credit for not even trying to convince me to let him use my kitchen aid grinder attachment to make the meat into hamburger, he got a cheap grinder off of craigslist, good call honey. We have yet to taste the final product so i will have to update you on that later, whether i will be participating in the taste test is still up for debate. All in all it has been a learning month and we both have new respect for those who make there own salsa and sausage every year, HA!