Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day 2009

I just wanted to take a minute this Thanksgiving eve to say how many things that i have to be thankful for....I have a beautiful healthy family and we are so blessed to be living the life we live. I am thankful for my freedom and for the men and women who fight to defend it everyday. Our family had a wonderful day aside from the fact that our big screen t.v. went out about a half a hour before dinner. I won't lie it did throw Robert into a big of a frenzy and i thought i might loose him for a while but i had him take a deep breath, eat some turkey and then go get those ad's that we thought we were done with. As is stands right now he will be at Wal-mart tomorrow at 5am, i am hoping for the best.
We did have a yummy dinner though and Jake sat with us at the table instead of in his highchair for the first time, he thought he was so cool and he was actually very well behaved and ate like the champ that he always does. Cody had chicken nuggets and he was forced to take a bite of turkey before he left the table, mind you he had to do it while plugging his nose and followed by a quick drink, i mean really!
I made my own pies for the first time this year and they turned out pretty good, i know a few things to change for next year but i think it was a good first attempt. Next year i will make real mashed potatoes and then maybe the year after that i will dive into homemade stuffing. I am baby stepping my way to a full homemade Thanksgiving meal.

My first pies - Pumpkin and Cherry

We played pin the hat on the turkey, it was actually pretty fun...

The end result..

The boy's ready to eat

Jake was digging his Turkey dinner

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cody's 5th Birthday

Well another birthday has come and gone. We are trying to recover from a fairly exciting weekend around here. We had Cody's birthday on Saturday(also opening day of the Kansas pheasant hunt, for anyone who cares, and for the record Robert was a very good dad and missed the first day to attend said party). We woke up to a very excited 5 year old who wanted to open all his presents right away.
We had the party at the Mall at a bouncy place called Monkey Bizness. He wanted to invite all his friends from school and the neighborhood and i didn't really want them all in my house, nor did i think they would all fit so the result ended in renting out Monkey Bizness for a couple hours of bouncing fun. Everyone who came seemed to have a blast, i couldn't even keep track of Cody and only saw him a few times. Jake had fun too and i even took him down the big slide a couple of times. All in all it was a great afternoon and the party was a success. We got home and Robert packed up his truck and headed out for the pheasant hunt. Cody was so happy to have his dad at the party and was grateful that he gave up opening day to spend his birthday with him.
He is still anxiously waiting for Dad to come home to tell him all about his hunting trip and to bring him more presents from Utah family that he hunted with. He got some neat gifts from us, grandmas and papa's and family and friends. His Grandma and Papa Davis got him a trampoline but it probably will not get set up until spring so we will have to take a picture of it then, i think the boys will have fun with it next summer.
Cody has really been enjoying playing with Aunt Dayna who came from Utah to visit for his birthday. We are so glad that she was able to come, especially since Robert has been gone hunting, it gives Cody and Jake someone else to torture besides me for a couple of days:)
Here are some pictures of Cody's day of birthday fun......

With his new G.I. Joe
The goodie bags the i made for the party goers

The cupcake cake that i made

Going down the slide with his buddies

Me and Jake on the big slide, it really wasn't as scary as i am making it look.

Jake and Dad in the bounce house

Party table #1

Party table #2

Blowing out the candle, he told me he remembered to make a wish but wouldn't tell me what it was because then it won't come true.....

Opening presents, he got so many, which are now all over the house.