Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinner with Spiderman

Tonight we went to a local Chick-fil-A for Superhero night. We were very excited because we knew that Spiderman was going to be there for pictures and autographs. The first time we went to get pictures with Spidy Cody was very nervous and didn't want to stand by him. After a tummy full of chicken and half a ice cream cone I finally convinced him to try again. The second try was a charm we got a great picture and he was talking Spiderman's head off, they became best friends! The owners of this resturant sure know what they are doing, at one point in the evening people were waiting for tables, the place was packed. We sure had fun and I think Cody will be talking about it for a while.
Jake was not too sure about Spiderman but funny thing is that when we handed Jake to Spiderman he seemed as unsure about holding a baby. Me and Robert just know that he was thinking " uh, dad I didn't know I was going to have to hold babies" He was a great Spiderman but from the looks of it he may not yet be a high school graduate:)

Getting Spiderman's autograph

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy Boys

The boys have been pretty busy lately. Cody finally got his new bike that we promised him for his birthday. Everyday that it is nice outside he is out there riding around. He learned about gravity on the first ride and is now a bit more careful.
Jake has a new found love of Trucks. He loves pushing toy trucks all over the house, I think it is so funny to see a little guy so into playing with trucks already but that is what Jake loves to do most, play, play, play! We bought him a truck just like the one of Cody's he liked so now the boys have fun playing trucks together.
He drives this truck all around the kitchen table and all over the house, he's a truck boy!

Cody thinks it is so fun when Jake plays with him, he loves Jake so much and I love watching them play together.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Fishing

On any given weekend, no matter the weather, if you ask Cody what he wants to do the answer is always the same, he always says he wants to go huntin' and fishin'. Yes Robert has him trained very well. On Valentines day we gave in and took him fishing. Even though it was only mid 30's outside, Cody had a blast. Robert kept telling him that it was pretty cold so they should go back to the truck but Cody wasn't having it, he loves to fish and throw rocks into the lake. Robert had to drag him back to the truck, he just loves to be out in nature, very much his father's son!
Freezin' but lovin every minute of it!