Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Longhorns first game

Tonight was the Longhorns first game....and it was a great one. Robert is coaching Cody's team this year and was so sad when he realized that he was going to have to miss the first game due to a class he is taking to help him pass his PE exam. He was nervous, kept texting me to see how they were doing. He had nothing to worry about, these boys were ready and won the game 53-0!! They did awesome! Cody scored one touchdown and pulled some flags, way more than he ever did last season. I was super proud of him. I kept Robert in the loop by texting him on every touchdown, which happened quite often. i think it's going to be a great season for the Longhorns and i know Robert will be excited to see them play on Saturday. 

Hook 'em horns!

Fall Soccer 2012

The boys soccer season has been going pretty well. Cody's team had a rough first game but have gotten much better since. He is a outstanding goalie and really likes playing that position. They played a tough team last Saturday that everyone, including the coaches and parents, though would be a shut out but our team, The Sporting, held their own. Cody did fabulous as goalie and the game ended in a tie score, we were really proud of the kids.

And what would a soccer game be without a cartwheel from Cody during a time out.

Jake's team, the monkey's, is well...a bunch of monkeys. They are a pretty young team and spend more time watching the other team kick the ball then running and kicking it themselves. They are slowly going after the ball more and more each game but it's still pretty tough to watch. You just have to wonder what is going through their little minds. The mind, foot connection is still pretty slow but it's cute to watch them try their darndest.

And here is Robert, super excited to be at the soccer fields, lol.
"Is it baseball season yet!"

Blast from the past

Here is a little photo shoot that i did during the summer with the boys in Robert's old little league uniforms. I think Robert liked seeing them in the uniforms, it was pretty cute.....