Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a fun Halloween this year. It sure did sneak up on me though. We didn't even get a chance to go to the pumpkin patch this year, oh well, we'll catch it next year for sure. The boys were ninjas this year. Cody was a camouflage ninja and Jake was a cobra ninja. They loved their costumes. I think it was the year of the ninjas because we sure saw a lot of fellow ninja out this year. We hope you all had a fun Halloween, now i have got to get myself and my house ready for the holiday's, they will be here before i know it! 

Guttin' the pumpkins!

Jake was a little more into it than he was last year....

Ninja Brothers to the end!

Trick-or-treating crew

Serious Jake the snake

Swords are always a important accessory for a Ninja

This guy was so cool, he freaked the boys out a bit and i had to go up to get the candy with them. He just stood there like a statue and then after the boys got their candy he stood up and put his hat on. It was cool to watch. I heard he scared the high school kids pretty good but luckily he was very nice to the little ones.

And the loot. Way too much candy. All Jake has asked for is bubble gum and all Cody wants is the jawbreakers. That leaves way too much chocolate for me and Robert, ahhhh i better figure out how to get rid of it fast!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Longhorns first game

Tonight was the Longhorns first game....and it was a great one. Robert is coaching Cody's team this year and was so sad when he realized that he was going to have to miss the first game due to a class he is taking to help him pass his PE exam. He was nervous, kept texting me to see how they were doing. He had nothing to worry about, these boys were ready and won the game 53-0!! They did awesome! Cody scored one touchdown and pulled some flags, way more than he ever did last season. I was super proud of him. I kept Robert in the loop by texting him on every touchdown, which happened quite often. i think it's going to be a great season for the Longhorns and i know Robert will be excited to see them play on Saturday. 

Hook 'em horns!

Fall Soccer 2012

The boys soccer season has been going pretty well. Cody's team had a rough first game but have gotten much better since. He is a outstanding goalie and really likes playing that position. They played a tough team last Saturday that everyone, including the coaches and parents, though would be a shut out but our team, The Sporting, held their own. Cody did fabulous as goalie and the game ended in a tie score, we were really proud of the kids.

And what would a soccer game be without a cartwheel from Cody during a time out.

Jake's team, the monkey's, is well...a bunch of monkeys. They are a pretty young team and spend more time watching the other team kick the ball then running and kicking it themselves. They are slowly going after the ball more and more each game but it's still pretty tough to watch. You just have to wonder what is going through their little minds. The mind, foot connection is still pretty slow but it's cute to watch them try their darndest.

And here is Robert, super excited to be at the soccer fields, lol.
"Is it baseball season yet!"

Blast from the past

Here is a little photo shoot that i did during the summer with the boys in Robert's old little league uniforms. I think Robert liked seeing them in the uniforms, it was pretty cute.....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Well the start of school came weather the boys liked it or not. Last Monday Cody started his first day of 2nd grade. His teacher is Ms. George and he has quite a few good friends in his class. He is so smart and hopefully he didn't forget everything over summer ;) 
Jake started pre-k at Madison (same school as Cody) on Tuesday. He is in a whole new school and new environment but seems to be dealing with all the changes very well. He has his two best buddies in his class so i think that helps. He is excited that he gets to ride the bus to and from school this year, it's free for the preschoolers so i thought i would let him ride it, and he loves it. 
We are hoping that both boys have a great year and learn lots this year! 

Finally a Madison Bear like his brother...

walking to class on the first day with his buddy Cade...

First bus ride to school with Ms. Rhonda...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

JO.CO. Fair 2012

We had a great time at the JOCO Fair this year as usual. The boys did the tractor pull and they also, somehow, talked me into letting them ride a sheep. I was not too thrilled about the idea but Robert was all for it, of course. Cody really wanted to ride a sheep, said it was his "dream" and this was his last year to be able to do it before he weighs too much so i gave in. And then somehow between the tractor pull and waiting in line for the sheep for a hour and a half, Jake decided that he wanted to ride a sheep too. YIKES! I was a nervous wreck! My little neighbor girl was standing with me while i was trying to take pics of the boys and she kept saying "are you OK?" I was shaking so bad that the pics are blurry and i didn't even get a pic of Jake on the sheep. He wasn't on the sheep long and rodeo clowns were in my way but i was just happy when he was off that sheep and back with a smile. Both the boys said they got stepped on by the sheep but there were only a couple small bruises, no major injuries thank goodness. 

Tractor pull

Cody getting ready...

And he's off. He rode it pretty far actually, about to the middle of the arena.

My little wanna be cowboys ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jake on a two wheeler

A couple weeks ago Jake learned how to ride a two wheeler. He told me and Robert "I'm ready!" And knowing Jake we knew he was probably right. He had been wanting to learn for quite a while and i think it was more us trying to hold him back. He hopped on that bike and pretty much just took off and he was riding like a champ. He had no fear which i'm sure aided in him learning how in, oh, about 4 minutes. He's such a stud we were very proud parents standing there watching him ride off into the wind. It tugs at my heart too though because it's just one more sign that he's growing up way to fast for it or not. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah Trip Aug. 2012

Me and the boys had a fun trip to Utah last week. We had not been there in a couple years, that's hard to believe, but it was time to go back for a visit. We started out our trip with a visit to the Living Planet Aquarium. My sister had arranged for us to have a meet and greet experience with the penguin's at the aquarium. It was really neat. We got to go in a small room right off of the penguin habitat. The door to their habitat was open and they could waddle in and out as they wished. They were so cute. About four different penguin's came in and out and just waddled around and really paid no attention to us sitting there watching them. Our favorite one liked to play with tennis balls and try and sit on them like eggs, he was cute. They boys talked and talked about those cute penguin's all week after seeing them. It was awesome of their aunt Dayna to give them that fun opportunity.

We also went to a fun place right by my parent's house called "Hang Time". It's a trampoline center where there's nothing but trampolines everywhere you look. The boys had a blast and didn't want to leave. They ended up talking Grandma and Papa into taking them back the next day ;)

We also got to go see Robert's brother's new house and the boys got to see their cousin's that they hadn't seen in a long time, they had lots of fun playing together, just wished we could have stayed longer.

I was very excited to get together with my friends from high school. It had been a while since we had all been able to get together so it was nice that we were all able to meet and chat.

We have 14 kiddo's between us all, it's a little crazy to think about. It seems like just yesterday we were all irresponsible teenagers hanging out in my basement, those were the good old days.

We also got a chance to go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. It is a fun place for the kids. I had never been so i enjoyed it too.

We had a great trip and hope we get back to Utah sooner rather than later. We realize when we go back how much we miss so many people there, but we are also always glad to get home, especially to Robert this trip since he didn't get to go with us.