Monday, July 26, 2010

Another great day fishing...

Another great weekend of fishing for the Davis boys! Yesterday we went back to our new favorite spot and had a great time once again. The fishing was HOT! All Robert did for two hours was bait and help cast the boys poles. Cody was a fishing mad man, he even baited his own hook a few times when he didn't want to wait for Robert's help. At one time he had one on his pole and he handed it to Robert to unhook and then caught one on Jake's pole two seconds later. The boys had a blast and i had a blast capturing it all on film. Jake is such a content little boy and acts so old for his age. He might not say much but he knows what he's doing and if he doesn't he watches big brother and does whatever he does. I love having two boys and i hope they turn out to be the best friends ever!

Jake is such a nature boy and preferred to walk on the rocks bare foot, that's just how he rolls!

Expert Fisherman Cody


Uh oh Jake caught me snapping pic's

Reeling one in...

So excited...

Here's Cody with the littlest fish he caught..

So many fish, can't catch them fast enough...

Jake's first official catch. He reeled it in all by himself!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Topeka Zoo and Giant Mushroom

This weekend we took a trip to the Topeka, KS Zoo. It was a cute little zoo but it was a VERY HOT day. We strolled quickly from shade to shade to see the animals. Most of the animals were pretty pooped out from the heat as well so they were not very active. We decided that we will go back in the fall to give the zoo a more fair review, because if you ask me how the Topeka Zoo is, my only answer will be, "HOT!!" We were dripping in sweat, but still had a good amount of fun, i know the kids did anyway.

Elephant bums!

Cool Flamingos that Robert tried to pet, it didn't go over real well with the flamingos...

A picture for Grandma Davis...

There was a fun little park across the street from the zoo. It had a mini-train that took you on a mile ride around the park, the boys had fun on that.

These next pictures we probably shouldn't be proud of, but for some strange reason we are. Look at this huge mushroom we had growing in the backyard. I could not believe my eyes and had to take a few pic's of it. Yeah it had been a while since we Robert had mowed the lawn.

The boys thought it was pretty cool too.
We are hoping to start our own Smurf village if we can grow enough!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sun, Sand and Fishing!

We had another great weekend last weekend. We went back to the lake to play in the sand again, it was quite a bit less muddy this time so that was nice. The boys have so much fun playing in the sand and water. I am trying my best to turn Robert into a beach bum and i know he is enjoying it more than he lets on.
Here are just a few of the pictures i took, i have been working on expanding my photography and photo shop knowledge so i take pictures like crazy lately, i know you grandparents don't mind......

Sand Castle building 101...

Not sure what prompted this...

Just a boy and his truck, so cute!

On Sunday we decided to check out a fishing pond outside of Robert's work. We went to the Douglas County fishing lake. It was a great little lake that i know we will be back to. It was full of blue gill and Robert caught a little bass before we left. This was Jake's first real fishing trip that he had with his own fishing pole. He picked out a Mickey Mouse fishing pole at Bass Pro and we were excited to get him fishing with it. 
While Robert was getting Cody's pole all ready to go Jake tried out his new pole....

First he had to show it to "blankie"....

Then for one reason or another he decided it would make a good horse....I love this picture, it's just so Jake!

And then when it was finally time to get his was broken, nothing too serious but not fixable at the lake. So he shared big brothers for the day.....

Cody is quite the little fisherman. He just kept reeling them in....

He even let Jake hold his catch to see what a real fish on the end of your line feels like...

While Jake didn't catch his first fish that day, he had lots of fun trying and I'm sure he'll catch that first one on the next trip, on his very own pole.

It was a great day fishing, the boys caught a bunch of fish and Cody got smacked in the face while trying to kiss a fish, sorry i can't tell the story good in written form, just ask us to tell you the story the next time you talk to us, trust me it was hilarious, i was in tears! We love making memories with the boys and we are having a summer full of them, i hope they enjoy it as much as we do, we love them so much and love being together as a family.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July weekend 2010

Despite the rainy weather this weekend we managed to have a great 4th of July. We started the weekend off on Friday by riding a camel, yeah a little strange i know but Robert found a fireworks stand that was offering free camel rides. I guess they know what they are doing because they reeled us in with the camel ride and we left with a bag full of fireworks too!

The day of the 4th started off with great weather but ended in a rain storm. We tried to make the best of it and Robert lit fireworks off for as long as he could, we all huddled in the garage and watched him in his rain poncho lighting fireworks.

The champagne poppers were a huge hit with the kids, we'll have to buy a bunch of those again next year! Even Jake got to do one.

Look Mom, i did it!

For the first year Cody dared to hold a sparkler, he was so proud of himself and had a great time

Then the rain came rolling in.....but that didn't stop the fun.

Robert was the seat of choice for the littler kids.

Today we headed to the Hillsdale Lake. We had never been there before so we thought we would go exploring a bit. We ended up having a blast. The boys loved playing at the beach and in the sand. Jake was a little unsure at first but warmed up rather quickly. We were sorry we didn't bring our swimsuits.We will be back to the Lake soon i am sure!

Our silly boys

Building "Cody Island"

Robert and Cody even got in a little fishing in before it started raining again

It was a fun afternoon at the Lake!

Friday, July 2, 2010

End Of Season Blues

Sadly the T-Ball season has come to an end. Monday night was the Yankees last game and boy oh boy was it a great one. Those boys played so good, tagging people out right and left. They are finally getting the hang of the game right as the season ends. We have had so much fun with the boys on the team this season and are really proud of the progress they all made. We are kind of at a loss as to what to do with ourselves now that we don't have practice twice a week and a weekend game. Cody and Robert have been playing a lot more in the backyard that's for sure.

I know that Jake is going to miss messing around at the ballpark, he did plenty of it that's for sure.....

He did not like to hang with boring mom at the practices or games. He wanted to be with the big boys and dad. Robert did a lot of coaching out on the field holding Jake and explaining the game to him, wish i would have got a picture of that.

The boys were so excited when Coach Davis declared the Yankees the Champions and handed out their trophy's. The smiles on their faces was thanks enough!

Cody with his first ever trophy. He was so happy and found the perfect spot for it on his bookshelf.
Until next year Yankees......