Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Union Station - December 2010

We took a fun little trip into Kansas City today. We went to Union Station to see the Big Bird/Elmo planetarium show. Jake liked it so much that he actually cried when it ended, i think he wanted to watch it all day! It was cute and i am glad that we took him. We walked around Union Station after the show and saw the train exhibit which the boys always love. They still had all their Christmas decor up so we got to see some of that which was fun. I am loving all this time that Robert has to spend with me and the boys. We are having a great Christmas break with him home and i am not looking forward to him going back to work.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas again this year. We started off the weekend on Friday night by sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn so that Santa was sure to find our house. Then we went inside and made, in my humble opinion, the best gingerbread houses ever! OK probably not but we sure had fun making them. Jake did a lot better than i thought he would, i expected his house to be smashed or destroyed in a matter of minutes, because well it's Jake, but he had a blast putting the candies on. He probably ate as much as he used on his house but that was OK. Cody did a great job too, he wanted everything to look just perfect. We found a new method to stick the gram crackers together, just melt 1/2 c. sugar on stove and use that to stick the house together with, it's like glue it worked so good. The boys also opened their p.j.'s from Grandma and Papa Davis and loved them, although Cody still doesn't understand why he can't choose which present to open on Christmas eve, he'll get it sooner or later. Here are some fun pic's of our Christmas eve.....

Christmas morning!! I know Cody had a hard time sleeping, he woke us up at about 5am to tell us he was hungry. We held him off a couple more hours and then woke Jake up. They had lots of fun seeing their Santa gifts and opening all their presents. Every time Jake opened a present wrapped in a box he would yell "It's a box!" It was pretty funny. They loved all their presents and opened them so fast that i have no idea who gave them what but i can tell you that they loved them all. Cody was excited that Santa brought him what he asked for, i think he was really worried that it could go either way for him. Jake got a new bike and is excited to get outside and ride it hopefully today. We were able to attend our church service on Christmas evening and i am glad that we did. We needed to remind ourselves that Christmas is so much more than Santa and gifts. We are very grateful that God sent his son to live and die for us, we need to remember that we matter, we have a purpose in this life and we are all special to our heavenly father. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and remember to keep Christ in your heart all through the year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Visit 2010

Last weekend we took our annual trip to Bass Pro to see Santa. Bass Pro has such a fun set-up for the kids. It's a actual winter wonderland with lots of games to play and fun things to make. The boys both colored a ornament for their trees and played all the games. We were very proud of Jake this year because he was ready and willing to sit on Santa's lap. He even told him exactly what he wanted. Cody told Santa too, not sure Santa knew what he was talking about but he was told none the less.
Here are the cute pictures i took while we were there....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Utah Thanksgiving trip 2010

I have been meaning to post these pictures of our Utah Thanksgiving trip for a while. We had a great time in Utah visiting our families and friends. It's always hard to fit everything into the short amount of time that we are there and we never do but it's always nice to see everyone.

The boys made time for making cookies with Grandma Judy and they were delicious!

Cousin pic. We were so glad that the Denney cousins got a chance to reconnect and play
L to R: Chloe, Hayden, Carter, Cody and Jake

And the Davis Cousins always have a great time together. There was A LOT of playing going on....
L to R: Jake, Derrick, Racquel and Cody

And lastly a picture of Cody and Papa Davis

We miss you all and while we are looking forward to staying home for Christmas this year we will miss being with you in Utah.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 6th birthday Cody

I just want to wish our little Cody a very happy 6th birthday. I can't believe how old he is getting. He gets more grown up every day and i really don't like it. Robert is gone pheasant hunting this weekend so today me and Cody had a mother/son day. He talked me into playing Wii Lego Indiana Jones with him, which he said i was very good at by the way. I also took him to the movie this evening and we had fun there. He is such a smart little guy, sometimes too smart. He impresses me everyday with the things that come out of his mouth. He is my special little guy and he always will be. I sat at the movie tonight and enjoyed holding his little hand because i knew that it won't be long before he won't want me to do that anymore, sniff, sniff. He's so special to me and that's where i will stop because i really don't want to cry right now.

Happy Birthday Cody, we love you!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cody's 6th birthday bowling party

Today we had Cody's 6th birthday party with his friends. He chose to go bowling this year and him and all his friends had a blast! It was cosmic bowling so they turned the lights down and the music video's on and everything was glowing. I bought them all glow in the dark necklaces so they could all "glow." Cody got one strike and one spare. Jake was so funny, he wouldn't let us help him and surprisingly he didn't do too bad. We all got a good laugh at how slow some of those balls were going down the lane.

I can't believe how big he's getting, where has my little Cody gone?

Celebrating a Spare...

Pretty good form huh, yeah he pretty much rocks!

The kids couldn't help themselves and broke out into dance quite often, it was very entertaining....

Cody and his buddy Ben...

Snow Trooper cupcake

Cody and Abby

He got lots of Lego kits, which he loved!

The party crew....