Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jake's Big Boy Bed

Yesterday Jake finally got his big boy bed. We had told him that if he got potty trained he would get a new big boy bed and yesterday we paid up. I won't lie, i was very sad to see the crib go. So sad that my babies are growing up. I would have kept Jake in his crib until he was 10 if it were up to me. Unfortunately it was time for the crib to go, although i did threaten to put it back up several times last night, oh and once at 5am this morning.
His first night in his bed went about how we expected it to. He bounced around and was in and out of bed for about a hour and a half before he finally fell asleep.
What i wasn't expecting was a wake up call at 4:30am. He started bouncing around and i quickly let him know that was not a suitable time for waking up in this house. He did fall back asleep pretty quickly and slept until a little after 9, yes, that is in deed a suitable time.
Here are a few pic's of the new bed. We still need to get a bed skirt and Grandma Judy is making a custom Tractor bed spread so this sports one is just temporary. He still loved it and felt like such a big boy.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We woke up to some fluffy white stuff falling from the sky this morning! So exciting, I was starting to wonder if it was going to snow at all this winter. This is our first real snow here in our town and the schools declared a snow day, Cody was ecstatic! Jake was much more into playing in the snow than he was last year, we all had a blast and now we are planning on staying in the rest of the day and watching it snow,it is forecasted to snow all day long:)

The boys ready to play in the snow!