Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break fun - the zoo

The week before last was spring break here. It was a absolutely beautiful week. Sunny and almost 80 every day. Unfortunately me and Jake were sick most of the week. I felt so bad for Cody having to hang around inside with us most of the week. Towards the end of the week me and Jake were finally feeling up to getting out. Robert took Friday off and we went to the zoo. We hadn't been there in quite a while so there was a lot of new things going on there.
We got to see how big the polar bear had gotten. He use to be snow white when he was just a little guy (well as little as a young polar bear can be) his fur now has a lot more light brown in it. He is still super cute and so much fun to watch. He is definitely a show off, he loves to swim and do flips in the water for his admiring viewers. I could honestly watch him all day.

Here is Cody waiting in line. There were so many people there!

Love this Hippo!

Coming back for a second look at the polar bear. Glad we saw her swim when we got there because she was done with her "pool time" by the time we left.

And here is a cute picture that i took today. Jake and Robert sure are glad that it's lawn mowing season again. I am pretty sure Jake would ride that mower all day with Robert. He loves it!

We are definitely looking forward to the warm weather that is coming, we are ready to get outside more!