Sunday, January 15, 2012

He shoots, he scores!!

Just had to add a few pictures from Cody's basketball game yesterday. Cody made his and his teams first game basket!! We were so excited! His team is still struggling but yesterdays game was better. I think they were more matched in ages with the team they played. They lost and Cody's basket was the only basket made besides free throws but we were still very proud parents!

Cute brother Jakey. I think this little guy will be excited when it's his turn to play some sports, he's tired of watching from the sidelines. Soccer starts in March :)

Here is the set up for the shot! Shoot and Score!!

This picture is the result of a very excited mom having to look away from her camera to see if he made the shot. So here it is going in..i promise it was him who made it even if you can't see him in the picture :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blue Devils 1st Game

Cody had his first basketball game of the season yesterday. While it wasn't a good game for their team, i think he had fun. The Blue Devil's never made a basket and lets just say the other team made.....a lot of them :(. He has a lot to learn but as long as he is having fun that's all that matters. Robert has a hard time watching the games but i just keep reminding him that it's most of these kids first time playing real games so the fact that they are getting it at all is pretty good. I took a few pic's, they are pretty bad, i obviously need to learn how to photograph indoor sports with my camera, i am working on it but until then these are the pictures you get...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was a bit bitter sweet. We have really been missing all of our friends and family in Utah. We had planned to go out in November for Thanksgiving and then sickness hit our house and we didn't end up going. We are always so nervous about making that drive in the winter because of how bad the roads can get. We were especially missing everyone this Christmas and we can't wait to make a trip to Utah this summer. The boys got everything they wanted for Christmas, of course. Cody got his BBgun that Robert he had been wanting. He is having lots of fun with it and ALWAYS wants to go hunting with dad. Jake got lots of fun toys. He really wanted Alphie the robot from Santa and was so happy to see it Christmas morning. It's a cute learning tool that he loves to play with so we love it too. We didn't take to many pictures of ourselves on Christmas but we also enjoyed many fun and thoughtful gifts from each other and our friends and families. We enjoyed relaxing and just enjoying Robert being home with us for a while.
We went to our church's Christmas Eve service and it was great as always. Raising young kids it's sometimes hard to get through their little toy greedy heads what the true meaning of Christmas really is. We have been trying to talk about it more and more every year and a little less and less about Santa. We sponsored a child from our church's angle tree this year and that was neat. I think it made the boys think about why they have so much when other don't and that we need to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.
We are a few days into the new year and we are hoping that it is a great year for our family. We really want to grow closer to Christ and learn to live like him and for him everyday, because after all that is our purpose here on earth.
We are so happy with our church family and hope to grow even closer to them in this coming year. I have a personal goal of reading the entire bible this year and i know i can do it.
I am so grateful for all the things and people God has blessed me with in my life. We hope everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday season, we are looking forward to a awesome year in 2012!

Sprinkling the Reindeer food on the lawn.....