Monday, September 22, 2008

The Elk Hunt

Well we are back from our trip to Utah for the Bull Elk hunt Robert went on with his brother. It was a success and even though they had to track it straight up a very steep mountain side I think they would all agree that the memories were well worth it. If I waited for Robert to do this post it may never happen so I will try to do my best at describing the hunt. Robert's brother Jason drew out to hunt bull elk this year by his house in Heber, Ut. Robert and his Dad said that they would be there to help out in any way they could. Robert actually ended up catching the whole hunt on video tape and it was fun to be able to watch it with them. Our 7 yr old nephew Derrick went right along with all the men and was a trooper as he climbed the mountains with everyone else. I could tell how much it ment to Jason that Derrick was there to see the big elk in person and that he was truly a part of the hunt! I think they all had fun, even though they all say that Jason owes them big time for them packing out the various pieces of the huge elk, they did have a bunch of Jason's friends with them too and I know they were glad for all the help. I am going to let you all count the points on the elk because I don't want to get it wrong and I hate to say that maybe I wasn't paying that much attention when they said the stats of the fellow. There is much more to the story of the hunt, like how many times Jason shot and that it took a while to find the big guy but Robert tells it better then I could so maybe I will try to talk him into giving you all some more details. All in all our Utah trip was great, we got to spend a lot of time with family and friends and we tried to enjoy the mountains along the way. I will probably be posting some more pic's of our trip but I wanted this post dedicated to the reason for the trip!

The proud Davis men!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

This last week Jake mastered the art of rolling over. He goes from his back to his front and then gets frustrated because he does not like tummy time so he freeks out after about a minute because he can't figure out how to get back, that doesn't stop him though, he has been rolling around all weekend. The other day I went to get him up from his nap and he had done a 180 in his crib and he thought it was pretty funny. He is so silly and loves to smile and giggle. He is getting a bit attached to mom and dad though and hates to be put down for too long.
First roll over!

Upside down in the crib, I guess it's time to move the pillows and teddy's out of the crib!

Mr. Smiley pants

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Incredi - Bowl

A couple weekends ago we took Cody bowling for the first. Oh my gosh he had a ball! He wouldn't just put it down and push it though he had to throw it just like us, hopefully there wasn't a big dent in the lane when we left. He really had a blast though, even though I don't like to admit this he actually beat me the first game, he had bumpers though. We had to play two games and if it were up to him he would have stayed all night. Now every time we say "what do you want to do?" He says "Let's go bowling!" I'm sure we will go again soon. Action shot

He had a hard time holding the ball but that didn't stop him

Me and my little bowler