Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cody's first soccer game 2011

Cody had his first Soccer game today. His team this year is the Dragon's. He did great. His team won 3-2 and he scored 2 goals. He really enjoys soccer and is the tallest kid on his team so him and his long little legs really can run fast. We love watching him and we are glad he has fun with it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day of School 2011

We had a big day here at our house. Today was the first day of school for both Cody and Jake. Cody started 1st grade and Jake started his first year of Preschool. I got up at a unheard of hour for me but it was nice to wake both the boys up. Cody never gets woken up, even on the weekend he lets Robert sleep in for a bit before he wakes him up so i scared him to death when i woke him up this morning, he about jumped to the ceiling, it was so funny.
Both of the boys had great first days at school. Jake had no problem saying good-bye to us, he grabbed a toy and started playing, i was a little worried about him but it was definitely harder on me than him.
We are sad to see the fun, lazy days of summer go but we are excited to start this new school year, make new friends and learn lots of new stuff.

Here's to a great school year!!

Cody's locker, he is pretty excited to have his first locker...

I call this next picture the "Table of Trouble" the light haired boy in the front right of the picture is our neighbor and a buddy of Cody's and the boy behind our neighbor was on Cody's t-ball team so he knows him too. We have forewarned their teacher that there may be excessive talking coming from this table but i'm sure she'll figure it out ;)

Jake is going to a church run preschool that we have heard nothing but wonderful things about so we are hoping it turns out to be a great school for Jakey.

Finding just the right spot for his new backpack...

Monday, August 15, 2011

JOCO Fair Pedal Pull 2011

We had a fun week last week while the Johnson County fair was in town. We missed it last year so we made sure to go this year. On Tuesday we entered the boys into the pedal pull competition. They loved it and we had fun watching them try to pedal their little hearts out. The pedal tractors that they use have a weight on the back that gets heavier and heavier the further you pedal it. The boys did great, neither won the big prizes but they all got ribbons and that was cool enough to them. They were there with their best buds from up the street so that made it even funner!

I love these next two pictures, these two were talking about very important pre pull strategies i am just sure of it, LOL. They are so cute together.

Jake pedaling his little heart out. I told him that once he stopped peddling they would make him get off so he pedaled for as long as his little legs could push.

Cody did great too, i think it was a little harder than he thought it was going to be.

The boys loved riding the train

All the boys did great and most importantly had fun!

A couple nights later we took the boys back to the fair to ride some rides and eat some fair food. They loved the rides as always and we had our first taste of funnel cake, pretty good but nothing i would crave on a daily basis. We also tried the deep fried oreo's and they were yummy, we all liked them.

Saturday was the parade. I am pretty sure the whole town was there. He's a picture of Jake excited to see the fire trucks.