Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awhile ago I learned of a wonderful thing that Scentsy did for their local community. It was a great example of giving back to local businesses in your area. I pasted part of the story below but you can click on the tree picture and it will take you to the site to learn more about how you can help stimulate your local economy. This is a great cause and I encourage you all to join me in pledging to help our local businesses.
Contribute 2009

Scentsy celebrated its rapid rise from a small, family-owned business into one the country’s emerging home d├ęcor brands with a fun event designed to contribute to the local community. Orville and Heidi Thompson gave employees and their families $100,000 to spend at 40 family-owned businesses nominated by employees. Each business enjoyed a $2500 increase in sales revenue that day. Employees got to keep the goods and services they bought with their $50 bills.The results were inspiring and fulfilling. Scentsy employees spent more than $10,000 of their own money to help local businesses. Skepticism from small business owners turned to gratitude when they saw there were no strings attached to this organized spend. Some owners were in tears. Others commented they didn’t think they would have survived the summer without it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cody's First Day Of Preschool 2009

Today was Cody's first day of Preschool at Madison Elementary. He was excited to get to school and meet his new teacher and the kids in the class. When I left him in the room he was feeling right at home and checking out all the new toys in the classroom. When I picked him up he had lots to tell me. He was most excited that he got to go to the library and check out a book, he picked a book about soccer, which is kind of weird because he doesn't play soccer much but I think he picked it because he had just played a wii soccer game over the weekend and he thought that was cool. He told me he was in charge of picking the song for the class to sing, he picked "5 green speckled frogs." He said it was a good day and that he thinks that he is going to like this school.

Waiting at the front door to walk down to class, he looks a little
happier to be at school than the kid to his right.

His new classroom