Thursday, August 16, 2012

JO.CO. Fair 2012

We had a great time at the JOCO Fair this year as usual. The boys did the tractor pull and they also, somehow, talked me into letting them ride a sheep. I was not too thrilled about the idea but Robert was all for it, of course. Cody really wanted to ride a sheep, said it was his "dream" and this was his last year to be able to do it before he weighs too much so i gave in. And then somehow between the tractor pull and waiting in line for the sheep for a hour and a half, Jake decided that he wanted to ride a sheep too. YIKES! I was a nervous wreck! My little neighbor girl was standing with me while i was trying to take pics of the boys and she kept saying "are you OK?" I was shaking so bad that the pics are blurry and i didn't even get a pic of Jake on the sheep. He wasn't on the sheep long and rodeo clowns were in my way but i was just happy when he was off that sheep and back with a smile. Both the boys said they got stepped on by the sheep but there were only a couple small bruises, no major injuries thank goodness. 

Tractor pull

Cody getting ready...

And he's off. He rode it pretty far actually, about to the middle of the arena.

My little wanna be cowboys ;)

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