Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cody's Kindergarten Graduation

On Monday Cody graduated from Kindergarten. Sniff, sniff. My little guy is growing up so fast. I can't believe that he will be in 1st grade soon. His graduation was so cute and we were so glad that his Grandma and Papa Davis were able to come to it. He had such a wonderful kindergarten year and had the best teacher ever. He made lots of new friends and learned so much this year. He is reading better and better every day and has a love of math that i am grateful for and hope continues. Here are a few of the pictures i took on the special graduation day....

Getting his diploma...

His class, full of great friends....

Best Kindergarten teacher ever!

Cody and his buddy Ben...

Cody and Jake being the goofballs that they are...

Congratulations Cody, we are proud of you!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pirates first game

This week Cody had his first coach pitch baseball game. It was interesting to say the least. Robert is the coach again this year and it has been trying to say the least. The kids are still just young and far from being focused. He is trying so hard to teach these kids but it's just not going to happen until they learn to focus a little more. The first game was rough. Robert took it much harder then the kids. I think everyone had fun and had no clue that they lost 21-2, which is good i guess. I think they will slowly start picking it up throughout the season but it's going to be a growing year for sure. Cody was very excited for his first game and he made the teams only run of the whole game. He was very excited when we were all cheering for him.
Here are a few pic's of the first game.

Cutest water boy around.

Pre game pep talk

All we can hope is that they are learning something and having fun!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jake's 3rd birthday Party

Over the weekend we threw Jake a 3rd Birthday bash. He has a couple little friends in the neighborhood and we just thought it would be fun to have our friends and neighbors over for a bar-b-q. Jake loved his party theme, John Deere of course. I had fun planning the party and the food. I made his cake again this year and it was my first time using fondant, i made my own marshmallow fondant and it actually turned out pretty well for my first time. Anyway he liked it, mostly for the tractor on the top but that's OK.
We had a fun afternoon with everyone that came. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and neighbors here in Kansas. It makes being so far away from our families a little easier.
Jake had a great 3rd Birthday and we are so glad he is in our family.