Friday, January 29, 2010

Sesame Street Live

Last night we took the kids to Sesame Street Live at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. I was really excited to see how Jake reacted when he saw Elmo live on stage. Cody had been moaning and groaning all week about how he didn't really want to go, apparently he is so over Sesame Street, something i was completely unaware of when the tickets were purchased. I knew that he would have fun once we got there and of course i was right. The whole first half of the show Jake sat on my lap and hardly even blinked and if you know Jake you know this is very out of character for him, he usually can't sit still to save his life. Cody too enjoyed the show and at intermission i asked him if he was having fun and he said "Yeah i am kind of embarrassed to say it though."

The second half Jake got a little wiggly but still watched the whole thing and even got up to dance a few times. I was very surprised with how well Jake sat and how much he really seemed to enjoy it. It was a fun time for all, Robert may disagree but i heard him humming a tune from the show in the car on the way home, so don't let him fool you. Hopefully i can now convince Robert to let me buy tickets to more things like this, for example Disney on Ice. I always went as a little girl and i loved it.

When we left the sprint Center Jake waved bye to Elmo as we walked away, that's all the thanks i needed for taking that cute little guy to see his favorite red furry monster.

On the way into the show we bought these Elmo lighted twirly things that were a huge hit. I'm pretty sure if you ask Cody he will say that his favorite part about going to the show was getting this. But for $15 a piece wouldn't you think the batteries would last a bit longer. Cody's was almost out of juice by the end of the show.

Cody showing me how great his new favorite toy is...

Jake raisin' the roof..

A probably prohibited picture of the action on stage

The morning after the boys requested to watch Elmo DVD's and they sat happily with there twirly things that are still cool even the day after.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Indoor Camping Adventure

Cody had been asking for a while if him and Robert could set up the tent and have a camp out in the house so Friday night we made all his dreams come true. It actually was a really fun night. The boys got a kick out of getting the tent set up and playing around in it. Jake actually laid down in it and watched cartoons for a while, i was quite shocked to see him so still but he seemed to be enjoying just lying there in the fun tent.

Here are the men of the house getting the tent set up...

All done and ready to goof around...

We had to make Smores, what would a camp out be without Smores??

Cody got a wee bit messy... and asked for seconds of course.

I waited to get in until the air mattresses were in place and there were blankets and pillows a plenty... it was very cozy and comfy in there. We watched Bolt and ate some popcorn after i put Jake to bed, Cody thought he was pretty cool getting to stay up later than Jake.

Robert and Cody and the dogs slept in there all night and in Cody's words "It was the best night ever!" This is a pic of him and Belle the morning after. They played video games in there most of the morning until we took the tent down.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Playing out in the deep freeze

It has been so stinking cold here lately that we haven't really been able to enjoy all the snow that we have outside. Today we decided to venture out for just a little bit to let the boys play in the snow. Cody loves to help Robert shovel and they have been working on our driveway a little bit each day, it's a frozen ice/snow pile. It's finally to the point that i don't think i will get stuck if i decide to get out next week. The boys had fun in the backyard for a little bit this afternoon. Jake actually cried and cried when we made them come in, he is a outside boy, i guess no matter what the temperature. We haven't really had him out in it at all but let him sled today and although he had a hard time walking in the snow he loved being outside.
Loving the snow


The dogs had fun jumping into the snow drifts while playing fetch.

The boys were a bit sad that the swings just didn't seem to work as well in all this snow.

Jake in action

He truly is a monkey. Today he climbed up with out the aid of the stool, he's trouble, good thing he's cute as heck!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow much fun

We are in the middle of a major winter storm here in good ole Kansas. School was canceled today and has already been canceled again for tomorrow. This is quite a storm for Kansas. Being from Utah we are pretty familiar with big snow storms but the below freezing temps that are coming later this week are not so familiar.
Tonight we decided to have a little fun with all the snow outside our door and made snow ice cream. It was actually not too bad, not great but definitely edible or at least Jake thought so.
Here are the instructions in case any of you out there are surrounded by lots of white stuff of your own and want to have a little fun with it.

Snow Ice Cream

Get a metal bowl, nestle it in the snow.
Put 3 cups of fresh snow in bowl.
Add 2 Tbs of milk, 1/4 C. sugar and 1 tsp vanilla(adjust to taste)
Stir and eat!

Like i said it was not too bad. It got mixed reviews at our house. Cody kept saying that he wanted to eat it without the snow in it, i don't think he really got the whole concept. Jake kept coming back for more. I just thought it was fun to make. We finished the evening off with a family game of Mickey Mouse Yahtzee. It was a fun snowy night in and i think we have a couple more ahead of us this week.