Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye Little People's Place

This week was Cody's last week at Little People's Place Preschool. He has had so much fun going to Preschool there and always, always looked forward to going to school. His teacher during the regular school year was Ms. Becky who we all became quickly attached to, she actually babysits for us every once in a while too, which is awesome.
We decided to keep him in school during the summer because he loved going so much. His teacher during the summer was Ms. Rochelle. Cody has learned so much throughout his first year of preschool and we have definitely seen a difference in his writing, numbers and so much more.
He will be starting his new Preschool on Aug 17th, he will be going to the big school, the same school he will go to when he starts kindergarten, so he is excited to meet new friends and get a change of playground equipment. I have to admit that i will miss Little People's Place and all the familiar faces there. It will be a big change for us both the first day we step foot in the big elementary, but it's nice because it's less than a mile away and I think it will be good for him to get use to this new school, we'll update you all after his first day there. But for now it's farewell to Little People's Place, see you when Jake turns 3, ahhh that will be here before we know it, yikes!

Cody and Ms. Becky

Cody and Ms. Rochelle on his last day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun videos of Jake

I have taken a couple cute video's of Jake latley and wanted to share them, enjoy.....

We have high hopes for his future in the MLB!

Here is Jake stomping like the dinosaur, it's pretty cute if you ask me.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Children's Farmstead

We have a really fun Children's Farmstead about 25 min from our house. Me and my friend like to take the kids there every once in a while to try to burn some of their energy off. Yesterday we decided it was time to visit again and we had a great time despite the hot weather. There is lots of fun things to do there. You can milk a pretend cow, ride a horse, feed the goats, ride the tractor trikes or just play at the playgrounds. We always have a great time at the farmstead!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend. We had a bar-b-q with some friends and then had them over to watch fireworks on our lawn, we always have a great view from our house because they set the city display off at the high school which is just one street over. Our whole street did anything but abide to the city's no fireworks policy on the 4th. It was nuts. We all agreed that we had never seen or heard so many fireworks go off on one street alone ever. It was great! I love watching fireworks and the kids had a blast, the snaps that we got for them were especially a hit. We also went to the Gardner pool which is always fun, just wish it was a little warmer, the water is also so cold. Cody loves the white slide and we spend most of our time there. We hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend. It was nice to have Robert home for one extra day. I always think we send him back to work exhausted though, I think he goes back to work to get some rest. Our family is very proud to be Americans and very grateful for our freedom, we will never take it for granted and we are very appreciative to those who make our freedom possible!

Wow those fireworks are loud!!


The favorite white slide

Part of the pool

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Night at the K

Last Monday night Robert took Cody to a Royals game. We had so much fun going to the games last year and were a bit spoiled with season tickets. We had not been to any games yet this year so Robert decided it was time to get to one. They have done so many renovations at the stadium since last year and there is so many fun things for the kids to do now. Cody got to bat and run the bases at the little K field. Roberts boss and his little girl were at the game with them and got some really good pictures of Cody batting and running the bases. Click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger, the one of him running is so cute close up! A Hit!

Watching it go.....

Run Cody, Run!

A night at the K (don't mind the hat hair)