Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cody's First Soccer Game 2010

This morning was Cody's first Soccer game. It was a great game. His team is the Monkey's and they played great. They won 14-3. Cody scored 4 goals by himself. His team played really good together and left little chance for the other team to score. He had a lot of fun and you could see the pride on his face when he scored his goals, not to mention that he was jumping up and down yelling "oh yeah" with a few fist pumps in the mix.We are looking forward to the rest of the season and all the goals that Cody still has left to score!

The first goal of the game and Cody scored it!!

Another goal he scored...

Great job Cody, we are proud of you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our weekend at Kauffman Stadium

We had a great weekend again! We spent most of it at Kauffman Stadium watching the Royals play the Yankees. I had a hard time figuring out who to cheer for so i just cheered for both teams. Robert cheered for the Yankees of course. The Yankees won on Saturday night and the Royals won on Sunday afternoon. The Saturday game was a much better game and had lots of perks for us and the boys. We were given the Sat. tickets by one of Robert's employee's. It came with great seats, free parking and access to the Stadium Club restaurant. The restaurant was great, we were right on the front row and could see the field great while we ate our lunch. It was so nice and cool inside, it was quite a treat!
Here are the seats we started in, they were a really great view of the field and the seats were padded, bonus! We only sat here for about 45 minutes until the restaurant called to tell us our table was ready......


The Stadium Club, best and coolest seat in the K!

The boys colored nicely while waiting for our food.

Can't go to the K with the boys without a stop at the playground....

Jake was getting very good at the climbing wall...

Jake insisted on a picture with the Statue of baseball!?

On Sunday me and Robert went to the game alone. The boys were excited to have a sitter and i think Robert was excited to get to watch a bit more of the game than he did the night before. Sunday's game was a pretty toasty one, we were in full sun the whole time and didn't have the luxury of going to the Stadium Club. It was a pretty slow game action wise, but it was over in just a little over 2 hrs, it was a quick one. The Yankees lost but it was still a nice day at the ballpark!


A-Rod spotted me :)

Jeter, Whoo, Whoo!

View from our seats, the Sonic Slam seats...

When we came home we finally went and bought the fire pit table that we had been eying for a while. We had a nice little Smore bed time snack with the boys.
It was another great weekend, we love hanging out at the ballpark and so do the boys. We hope we are making memories that the boys will remember for a lifetime.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day Of Kindergarten

Today was Cody's first day of Kindergarten. He asked all morning, "Is it time to go yet, is it time to go yet?" He was just a little excited! Taking his first day of school pictures on the porch i just kept thinking how big he looked. He is growing up so fast and if i could push a button to slow time down i would.

How cute is this...

Cody and his buddy from up the street, it's always nice to find a familiar face on the first day of school

At his desk

Jake just about started crying when he realized that Cody did not return to the car with us. He was very concerned with where Cody went and why he was not coming home with us. He loves his big brother so much.

After school he was so excited to eat the "Back To School Brownies" that Grandma Judy sent. He loved them and might have ate them all if i had let him. He said that his first day was good and that he made a couple of new friends. He also said that his class was weird because there were no teacher helpers and they didn't have a snack, it's funny what kids notice. I hope he has a great rest of the school year and learns a lot!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Utah Trip - July-Aug 2010

Well i guess it's about time that i post about me and the boys trip to Utah. We got home last week and while we were glad to see Robert again, we had so much fun in Utah and could have used a few more days there. We are so grateful that Aunt Dayna footed the bill to bring me and the boys to Utah for a visit. While we do consider Kansas our home now we still miss Utah and most of all the people there, oh and Cafe Rio.
We started of by spending a evening at Pirate's Island in Orem, it was a really fun place with great food and the boys loved every minute of it!

We also made a trip to The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. We hadn't been there for a while so it was fun and had more things since we went last. They had a neat new Sea Turtle and some penguins. And as you can see below, Jake liked the big frog.

Yes i make my kids get in strange props and take pictures of them, that's just how i am. It is cute though, right?!

Jake and a pretty blue frog which is probably poisonous.

Me and my boys, gosh i love 'em!

We also got to visit with the Farrells! It was so fun to catch up with them and see how much their girls have grown. I can't believe how old our kids are getting. Now if we can just keep them convinced that they have prearranged marriages with each other that would be great!! I love that i got a picture of them where they are all smiling, what a bunch of cuties!

Cody and Jake ventured off from their Mama this trip. Their Grandma and Papa Davis came and took them for a couple of days and i hear they had a blast. Here are a few pictures that i got in the mail last week that prove fun was indeed had!!
Here they are at the "Lake House"

I love this picture of Papa playing with Jake in the sand....

While they were in Price they got to try their hand at firefighting! I wish i could have been there for this, i know the boys loved it. Jake is obsessed with any type of big truck so he had to be in heaven and Cody talked about it for days.

Cooling off the mountain, can you tell how much fun Cody is having?

While the boys were in Price i had a chance to relax and rejuvenate. It was a nice little break for me and i had a nice time spending time with family and friends. When the boys came back we took a trip to Hogle Zoo. I really like the Hogle Zoo so i was glad we got a chance to take the boys. I love Jake's face in this next picture, he's such a goofball.

They had a new little elephant at the Zoo that was so cute, it was pretty hungry when we went and wouldn't turn around for a good picture but that's OK it was just super cute to watch.

My Monkey's

On the train

Had a great day at the Zoo, thanks Grandma and Papa!
We had such a great time in Utah this summer and are looking forward to coming for Thanksgiving and hopefully seeing more of you that we missed this trip. It's always nice to see our family, friends and the mountains!