Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camp Life and Water Balloon practice

We had a big week last week at our house. Cody went to Camp Life (Vacation Bible School) every evening during the week. He had so much fun and was always so excited to go every night. All the kids even preformed some songs that they learned at church today. Cody was in the front row and he was just dancing and not doing the hand motions that they taught them to go with the song. We asked him why he didn't do the hand motions and he said "My hands malfunctioned. I couldn't get them to work." I think he was a little nervous and didn't really know what to do. It was cute though to watch all the kids show what they learned all week. Here is a picture of him with his group, the Kindergartners.

On Friday we had our last T-Ball practice for this season. We thought we would "cool" things off a bit and let the boys have some fun at their last practice. We filled about 50 water balloons up for them to hit off the tee and throw to each other. They had fun and were more focused then ever when trying to hit the water balloon.

This next picture is right after Robert and the other coaches grabbed the last few water balloons and told the boys to "RUN." They ran like crazy, it was fun to watch.
Our last game is tomorrow night. We will be sad to see the season end. The boys have been so fun to get to know and work with. I know Robert has had a fun time coaching them and he did a great job trying to keep the attention of those wild and crazy boys.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

T-Ball and Thomas

We have had another fun weekend this weekend. It started off with Cody's "under the lights" T-Ball game on Friday night. It was quite the game. The boys ended up playing for about a hour and a half, most games are just a hour. I think they were having so much fun under the lights and up past their bedtime that the dad's just kept letting them play. It was fun to watch and i know Cody has a blast. He played pitcher and catcher and did a great job in both positions.

Making a great catch...

Playing Catcher...

Cody and his buddy Isaac enjoying a snack after the game....

On Saturday we went to see Thomas the Train and take a little ride on him. Jake was super excited and just kept saying "Choo Choo" over and over. I was so proud of him for standing in front of Thomas for this picture, if you know Jake you know how impossible it is to get him to stand still.

We really enjoyed the train ride. We rode in one of the cars that was not enclosed so that was fun. Jake really liked the ride and every time the train blew it's whistle he would look at me and squeal, it was pretty funny.

This was inside a firetruck they had on display by the train, Jake did not want to get out of it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Night at the T-Bones

We had a fun Sunday evening at the T-Bones game in Kansas City yesterday. It was the Gardner Parks and Rec night at the field. Cody and all the other kids in T-ball and baseball got to walk around on the field before the game started. There were only 2 kids from our team that came but they had a great time walking the field with Coach.

Robert was telling the crowd all about our undefeated season....

There were lots of mascots there and Cody got his picture taken with every one of them. Jake on the other hand was very very afraid of them, especially the Jayhawk. He liked them from afar but shrieked in horror if they came close. At first Cody didn't want to get his picture with any of them but i kept telling him to show me that he was ready to go to Disney World by not being afraid of the mascots and he took me up on it!

The T-Bones mascot Sizzle, it was his birthday!

We think this is the Hockey teams mascot but we're not sure.