Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

We had a wonderful Memorial weekend. We are really sad that it is already over and that Robert has to go back to work tomorrow. We tried to pack as much fun as humanly possible into the weekend, and i think we did! We took a lot of pictures this weekend so hopefully you enjoy the play by play of our weekend, it was a great one.
On Friday night we headed to the Hot Air Balloon Invitational that our city was hosting this year. It was really neat to see all the hot air balloons so up close. Jake was in balloon heaven, he loved it and waved to every one of them as they took off into the air.

On Saturday night we went to see the balloons again but we got a little closer this time. We camped out for a bit right in front of where they were blowing them up. It was neat, they are so big.

Jake was in awe, and again waved at each of them as they took off.

The Wonder Bread Balloon

Every morning they had a early morning flight and we were awakened to Cody throwing open our bedroom door and yelling "The balloons are right outside, come see, come see!!"

We got a new pool for the boys and maybe us too;) We can't keep Cody out of it, he loves it and asked me today if he could sleep in it....i said no. I think it's a bit intimidating to Jake so he doesn't get in unless we are with him which is just fine by me.

He's got it rough doesn't he!

Ahh, that feels good on a hot afternoon.

We also did a fair amount of just relaxing in our new Adirondack chairs, we got wood ones and the boys got cute plastic ones.

We grilled all weekend, no ovens allowed! I love the warm weather and grilling as much as possible. We even made pizza on the grill, if you have never tried it you should, they were yummy!!

And of course we roasted marshmallows and made smores, we love our smores!!

Jake even roasted his first marshmallow, well more like charred it, he's such a goofball.

It was a perfect weekend, they only thing that would make it better is one more day!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grandma and Papa Davis Visit

We had a couple of very special visitors this last weekend. Grandma and Papa Davis came from Utah for a visit. We love having them come and see us here in Kansas. We did a lot of really fun things while they were here. Hopefully they had as good of a time as we did. It was great that Jake is finally past the stage of being afraid of them and he had a great time with them and even learned to say Grandma and Papa while they were here. And Cody as usual wanted them to stay forever and was very sad to see them go.
Once it stopped raining we spent some time outside roasting marshmallows, eating ice cream, jumping on the tramp and just enjoying the weather.

We went into the City to the new dinosaur exhibit at Union Station. It was pretty neat and i know the boys enjoyed it. Jake was not afraid of the giant Dino's but he is afraid of the Easter Bunny, not too sure about that silly boy?!

Hey Dino's what's up?

Cody's favorite, the T-Rex

On Sunday we went to the Royals game. They played the Rockies and unfortunately lost but it was still fun. Royals games are always a good time. We even ate a baseball helmet full of ice cream, what's not fun about that?!

Enjoying a book read from Grandma the night before they left. It was a great visit and we are happy to have them come every year!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gaping smile

Just had to post this cute picture of Cody with both teeth missing. He lost the other one last week. He looks pretty cute with that big hole in his smile. He keeps looking at me and smiling and then saying "I know you can't resist smiling at me, huh mom." And he is very right!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cody's First Tooth

Cody lost his first tooth yesterday. He was beyond excited. He has been talking about wanting to loose his teeth for a long time and he was so excited that it was finally happening. He noticed that the two front bottom ones were wiggly the day before and then the next day one was out! We are still anxiously waiting for the the other one to fall out, it is pretty close so it should happen any day...

My friend makes tooth fairy pillows so we went and picked one out yesterday and he was so excited to get his tooth in the little pocket and get to sleep.
The Tooth Fairy did come last night and left him a $1 bill in place of the tooth in the pillow. He was up at 6:30 showing Robert before he left for work, if that tells you about his excitement level. He is such a sweet little boy and i tear up thinking about how big he is getting. While we were talking yesterday about how big he is getting he assured me that when he moves out and goes to College he will come home to visit and i can make him cookies. I told him that sounds like a deal, sniff, sniff.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yankees First T-Ball Game

Today was opening day for T-Ball here in our town. We have been waiting for this day for quite a while now and we were all excited to say the least.
Here is Cody on our drive to the field...

In the dugout waiting to play..

Cody playing 3rd base..

Having a talk with the Coach:)

And a HIT!!

On 3rd and being silly..

Good job Indians....but the Yankees are #1:)

Yankees 2010 T-Ball team
It was a great day, we can't wait for next weekend!