Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Fun

We have had a fun pre-Easter weekend this weekend. The egg hunt in our town was yesterday afternoon. Jake wasn't too sure what was going on when we got there but soon his focus was on eggs and eggs only. He picked up every egg he saw and was excited that he filled his basket.
Cody is a pro egg hunter of course and had a blast as always. He filled his basket in record time and was excited to get the bag of candy for trading your eggs in.

We met some friends at the hunt and as always were so happy to see them!

Cody working hard at the egg hunt...

Jake's first egg of the 2010 hunt! I think he was excited that he got to pick things up and put them in his bucket and no one was telling him "NO" or "Jake put that back." Can ya tell he get's into a bit of trouble at home?

I love this picture....Jake is still hunting eggs. Right after i snapped this picture Cody made sure that Jake knew who's eggs where who's.

Cody with the Easter Bunny. Jake is in his fear of pretty much all strangers stage, and really what's stranger than a huge white bunny at the park?

After being rescued by dad from the bunny in question....not a happy camper. We gave him some candy and he was fine a few seconds later, no permanent damage done...

But just because we love him so much we subjected him to the scary bunny one more time that day. We went to Bass Pro for their in store egg hunt and we just couldn't resist another photo op with the Easter bunny. I had to sit with him though. We got a little better picture taken by the people at Bass Pro. And by better i mean Jake is in full cry face, it's pretty funny, we're mean i know.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I forgot to put these pic's up from last weekend when we went swimming. We went last Friday to a fun community center that has a awesome pool. Cody had a blast. As long as his life jacket was on he was near fearless. We just need to work on the learning to swim without it part.
Jake on the other hand was not a big fan. He clung to us for the most part but right before we left he wanted to go on the slide, and he did. He was pretty brave and had fun in the end.
Hopefully we will be doing more swimming this summer and getting the boys more use to the water.
Again sorry for the poor picture quality, i forgot the camera AGAIN so these are cell phone pictures......

Cody loved the slide and the lazy river the most. And do you see Jake to the left of the pic ready to go down the slide again?

Go Jake Go, you can do it!

Wild Ride for Jake, he was fine don't worry


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yay for nice weather!!

We took a nice Sunday drive today to look at the baby cows at Robert's work. They were very cute but unfortunatly i didn't get a good picture of them, only had the camera on my phone. But we did get some fun shots when we stopped to throw rocks into the lake.


Robert and Cody even caught a their first frog of the spring. I'm sure there will be many more to come.

Jake is so funny. He loves being outside more than anyone i know. He was having a absolute blast throwing rocks into the water. He got just a tad dirty in the process, can ya tell? Yep he's all boy. 

Someone got hit in the head with a rock and decided to pout for a minute or two. I think he has more years of Jake beating up on him in his future.

Looking forward to more fun outings like this...well minus the getting hit in the head with a rock part.