Saturday, December 13, 2008

A night in Denver

What started out as a fun little trip to Robert's company Christmas party in Denver, CO turned out to be quite an adventure. We were scheduled to leave Kansas City on Fri at 12:04pm, well we ran into construction on the way to the airport and one thing lead to another and our first plane left without us. We could have made the plane but our luggage couldn't. If you know us very well you know that we are almost never late so this was not the norm for us. We got booked onto the next available flight at 4:00pm and proceeded to security where the whole family got the pat down and luggage search. Robert is always a bit nervous about security being that he works around explosive propellant residue 5 days a week and it's bound to be all over his coat and clothes, but we managed to get cleared for our flight and we went and settled into our cozy airport seats for the next 4 hours, with 2 kids and no extra bottle for the baby. The kids were really good while we waited and I came up with a solution so that Jake would not starve. We took off on our 4pm flight and hoped Jake's first flight would go well. He did pretty good, very squirmy but no crying so that was great. On the plane me and Robert kept counting in our heads and wondering if we were even going to be able to make it to the party that was the whole reason for the trip. Well long story short we made it late but we made it. Our friends that live in the Denver area had arranged for a babysitter for the kids, which had been a worry of mine all week. I knew the babysitter would do great I just wasn't sure how I would do. This was the first time I left Jake with anyone other than family. He was crying his head off when we left but they said that he settled down and was just fine. Cody had a blast. The family that was watching them had a Wii and they said Cody had so much fun playing that. When we dropped the kids off we were running so behind that we had to change our clothes at the babysitters house, they were so nice about it and we came back downstairs and Cody said "What are you guys still doing here?" So we made it to the party and had a wonderful delicious dinner and met some people that Robert had never met before and talked with many that he had. At the airport during our 4 hour wait, the kids were very good, it was us parents that had a hard time waiting.

At the Country Club

Ok so these pictures of Jake are on the flight home. The flight home went really well. I fed Jake right when we took off and he fell asleep for most of the flight. When he woke up I put him in the empty seat next to me and thought this was too funny so we took a couple of pictures. Jake the traveling fool!!

We actually learned a lot this trip and will now be better prepared for the trip to Utah next week. We didn't even want to think about going back to the airport but we love our family so we will. I'm sure the more we travel the easier it will be, right!? We are excited to see all our friends and family next week even if it means going back to the airport!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Standing Tall

Just thought I would post a few fun pictures of our new stander. He thinks it's pretty fun to just stand at the edge of the couch and talk to you, he's goofy that's for sure, I guess he fits in just perfect here then. First time standing

Helping out

Thinking big

He found the mother load and he's
happy about it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

This year was our first Thanksgiving away from family. I was a bit worried about making a Turkey but Robert actually took over and made, no lie, the best turkey I have ever ate, it was delicious! Robert told Cody that it was made with love so he had to try some, he had been telling us all day that he was not going to eat any turkey but we managed to bribe him into taking a couple of bites. He was so funny and made a gagging face and chased it with juice but then 2 seconds later said that it was good and that he could taste the love. We also started a tradition of having a Thanksgiving watermelon, we just saw it at the store while we were shopping and Cody had to have it so we incorporated it into our menu. Jake decided that he needed a nap right before we ate so he got to try some turkey when he woke up and he loved it!
Cody was so antsy to get the Christmas decorations out so we put the tree up a little early this year and put Cody's little one up in his room too. He had fun decorating. I gave him much more creative freedom on the one in his room, he did it all by himself, as you can tell because it's a bit bottom heavy. We have our tree in the family room in a corner and then we have a pillow barricade in attempts to keep Jake away from it. He has gotten pretty good at climbing the wall of pillows in hopes of grabbing a ornament though.
All in all it was a great weekend and whether the potato's and stuffing came from a box or from scratch we enjoyed every bite! Happy Thanksgiving!
The perfect Turkey made with Love going into the oven

Our Family tree

Cody's tree