Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jake's Birthday Fun...

We had a fun day today celebrating Jake's 2nd birthday. We took the boys to Zonkers, it's a little arcade/kiddie ride place. The boys had a great time. Jake had a lot of fun and even went on his first ride ever.

Weeee, this is fun!

He loved his Elmo party, this balloon was his favorite. He is by far Elmo's biggest fan.

He tore into his presents and had a great time seeing what he got.

Here's the cake i made him..

Blowing out the candles, he was a pro.

Digging into his cake

Mmmmm cake
Calling everyone on his new "Blackberry" to say thanks for all his fun gifts.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Jake!!

Our wild and crazy little Jakey turns two years old today. I can't believe it has been two years already. He is such a fun little guy and we are so glad that he joined our family. He is in fact Wild and Crazy but he can also be the sweetest little guy ever. I love his kisses and his determination. He is the reason why we have child locks on almost everything in this house, and most of the time that doesn't even stop him. He keeps us on our toes that's for sure but we wouldn't trade him for anything. He is super silly and just like his brother will do just about anything for a laugh. His laugh is contagious and his smile will make you melt. He still isn't talking much but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a voice in this house. He will tell you in his own way when he want's something. We love him so much and can't wait to see what his coming years bring. We will be celebrating his birthday this weekend so I'm sure there will be another post to follow with lots of fun birthday pictures.
I took the following pictures of the boys last weekend. They are far from professional but i think they turned out pretty cute.....


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yankees T-Ball First Practice

Friday was the first T-Ball practice for the 2010 Yankees team here in little 'ole Gardner. I somehow convinced Robert to be the coach for Cody's team this year. We have been so excited for the season to start and we had a great first practice. There are 12 kids on the team and 4 of them live right here on our street, and are Cody's best buds. I had so much fun watching the boys practice and watching Robert try to keep there attention for a hour. The boys were a lot more skilled than we had thought they would be and all did really well at throwing, hitting and running. I think Robert's big goal for the season will be to try to give them some understanding of what playing a real game is all about. Mostly we just want the boys to have fun and be excited to come to practice every week. I know Cody is loving it, he woke up on Saturday morning asking if we could go to practice again.

Here is Robert giving the pre-practice parents meeting....

Running the bases...

I was right behind the fence with the lens of my new camera through one of the holes in the fence. Robert thought it would be funny to tell the boys to try and hit me.....well Kollin was all about that and just about did. Made for a cool picture though...

This is the next shot i took but i backed up, i was a little nervous, i didn't want my lens to get hit with a ball. Cody actually threw it over the fence in his quest to "hit" me, what a stinker. Those boys have good arms....

Talking to the team, what a bunch.
We are looking forward to a great season. I can't begin to tell you how much fun i am going to have watching these little guys play. Now if i can just figure out a way to keep Jake off the field!?

Friday, April 9, 2010

The new trampoline

We finally got to put the trampoline up last weekend. We bought it last fall and Cody has been anxiously waiting until the weather got better for Robert to get it put up. We have all been having so much fun on it. Cody calls it "the club" and likes to invites us all into "the club." Jake wasn't too sure about it at first but he got use to it quick and now loves to jump with Cody everyday.

Belle misses us when we are all on the tramp so sometimes she joins us.

Yeah I've still got it. I am however still a bit afraid to try all my old tricks from back in the day.

Robert catchin' some air

Cody is a happy boy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

We had a wonderful Easter weekend this year. We had fun dying eggs, attending a wonderful church service and hunting for eggs in the house and in the backyard. It was beautiful weather all weekend so we played outside a lot. 
On Saturday we colored our eggs. This was the first year that Jake fully participated in the whole coloring process. It was a bit tough for me to give him a egg and a cup of dye but i did it! I gave him yellow in hopes that it wouldn't stain quite as bad. His hands were yellow for a while but he did a good job and had lots of fun .

Cody's a old pro, he had his egg tongs this year that his Grandma and Papa Davis sent him and those were a big help.

Jake showing off his favorite Elmo egg..

Cody and his favorite Star Wars egg..

Family shot..

The Easter Bunny sure was good to the boys this year..

Excited Cody, it was like Christmas morning to him..

Jake went straight for the Elmo book. I'm telling you this kid is a Elmo fanatic!

Forced family shot after church. Jake was not diggin' this photo session, can ya tell?

Cody hard at work huntin' eggs..

Jake gathering his eggs in his wagon. Despite the shovel in his hand we did not make the boys "dig" for any eggs. Belle was overseeing the operation.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and we hope you all did too!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few great pic's from my new camera

So i got a new camera....that i am absolutely in love with....
I have been having a lot of fun taking pictures of just about everything. The boys are my favorite subjects. I have been taking a lot of pictures of Jake this week. I feel like i need to photograph those stinkin' cute cheeks of his before they disappear as he grows:(
So here you go, enjoy...
If you click on the pictures it will enlarge them and you will be able to see what great pictures my camera takes, i would hope you would give a bit of credit to the woman behind the camera too but hey that's up to you;)

The Baby Cows at Robert's work were pretty good models for me....

Although this one seems to be a little angry with me!?

Cody and Robert were busy catching frogs..

Love this one. They both loved looking at the big trucks at the site.

And here are those cheeks i was talking pinchable!

Joe Cool

Hey baby, wanna take a ride on my swing set??

Oh to be outside again, Jake's a happy boy!


Jake looks so old in this picture:( He's growing up way too fast.

Always so excited to see a Airplane

Bye, Bye Airplane...
Hope you had as much fun looking at these pictures as i did taking them!